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An Unforgettable Moment

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Last month, I had a school holiday for 3 weeks. It started at June 21st 2010. The first week, I read two bestseller novels written by young man named Andrea Hirata. I read the first novel, Laskar Pelangi (Rainbow Troops) and the second, Sang Pemimpi (The Dreamer). From those novels, I learned a lot about friendships, dreams, loves and how to respect your parents. Those novels inspired me to be a better person for my future. At the second week, I followed a test to joined “DA” and slept in school for 3 days. At school, my friends and I worked together and walked around Surakarta for about 15 km at night. It was fun but also tired, and then all of us slept together in school hall. In the third week, I spent my holiday with a lot of meetings to prepared “Pradana”.
From my 3 weeks holiday, I also had an unforgettable moment. It was right before I slept in school, my friends and I who wanted to be the member of “DA”, had to follow an event from our seniors. At that time, we were so worried about what we had to do, because that event would be the final test for us. And that event held in 4 days.
The first and the second day, we had put together in school hall and introduced ourselves. We also had some simulations about how to work in “DA”. We was trained by our seniors to be the member of “DA”. We worked together to solved some problems and presented the solution to our seniors.
The third day, we had to come to Manahan. In there, we had a lot of fun. We played together and worked as team against the other team. From that day, we had a lot of experiences and learned how important friendship is.
The last day, we had some psychology tests in Manahan. We had a test about our commitment and we also got leadership training. Before that, we had to clean that place from falling leaves. At last, we had to solve an unpredictable problem and learned the message from evaluation.
All I got in that time made me to be better girl for my future.


Author: Arif R. Kurnia, S.Gz., M.P.H.

Seorang konsultan penelitian yang bercita - cita untuk segera menjadi profesor di masa muda.

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