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Israel Must Stop Their Attack to the Palestinian

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Israel-Palestine war had happened for decades; it started in 1948 when Israel people migrated to Jerusalem because of holocaust in German. And because of Israel greed they want to conquer Palestinian land, and it means they want Palestinian to get out from their homeland.
Because of their strong army, air force, and help from their strong close ally (USA) that always support Israel whatever they’ve done, Israel have dominated this war. In this year of war Israel have done a lot of bad tricks, for example they use white phosphor as their ordinary bomb, they concentrate 30-50 Palestinian on one of their house than Israel blow them up, Israel also attacks mosque when a lot of people do their pray, they also kill children, woman, and old man that did not involved in war, so it means they have already broke the war rules.
Israel says that their objective just to clean Hamas from Palestinian land, but in fact Israel is trying to kill all of Palestinian or genocides. Israel has killed nearly 200 Palestinian just in 14 days of their first attack to Palestine. For example they kill a United Nations agent in Palestine and says that it just a failure, but from this evidence we can conclude that they kill everybody who watch their thirst of blood habits.
All of Palestinian must be saved from Israel thirst of blood that had been proved by their work in Palestine that killed all of people they see, burnt down 50 of Palestinian mosque and destroy United Nations school in Palestine and they also stop all of other country help by isolate Palestine from sea by placed a lot of Israeli war ships and close all Palestinian border.
Thus, from all of those facts we can conclude that Palestine will never be in peace anymore until we stop Israel from attacking it.


Author: Arif R. Kurnia, S.Gz., M.P.H.

Seorang konsultan penelitian yang bercita - cita untuk segera menjadi profesor di masa muda.

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